Minushi - Chapter 7

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Minushi is a feature length animated sci-fi fantasy motion picture brimming with action, mystery and adventure presented online in 19 parts.

Much more at www.minushi.com
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UPDATE: This is a "retooled" chapter of Minushi. Some of the graphics and animation have been tweaked from the version originally posted.


great series

Im watching the whole series on ur website (cos there aint enough on ng) and i have to say thats some professional stuff u got there!

Its a good thing a giant robot happened by

Pretty darm good, although it seemed a bit too good of timing to have that robot crush those other robots. Other than that it was all good.

For those of you left in the dark..

minushi <dot> com.

There are currently 8 episodes.

Overall well done with some minor imperfections

As far as graphics go, these graphics were extremely well done. Better then much of whats on television today, I'd say. A few imperfections I'd like to point out though.

First off is the glair on the the eyes, from the light. It isn't dynamic according to light sourcs, or as much as it should be. Sometimes it actually takes something away from the character and expressions of the eyes and the face on characters. I think thats mostly because that speck of light is not a speck. I'd say it shoudl be smaller.

Another thing. Khal isn't quite as well animated as many of the rest of the rest of the characters. His emotions and expressions aren't as dynamic and his faced is paunched, so its harder to tell how he feels or how he's reacting in a situation.

Also, the animation of the military vehicles right before they jump of the truck is kinda grainy along with the scenery at the beginning and the cliffs. If there were more relief and depth to them scenery and the military vehicles I think it would add to the quality of the episode. Something to rest your eyes on. Detailed scenery is never a bad thing to have in a flash movie.

The trees that in front, while they were going past in the truck actually took away from the quality of the flash. A trick that of playing the same trees over and over in front of the trees in the back took away somewhat from the overall quality of the background, I think.

Mr. Leonardo S. Tinker sounds, well , like he had something up his rectum, if I may say so. His voice is not nearly sinister enough sounding and I think his type of voice for villians is way overplayed. Aldo his name doesn't sound all that sinister, it actually sounds kinda funny, tinker=tinkle. Maybe nobody else noticed that, but just an opinion.

The music is very nice, but not awe inspiring. It doesn't rapt you in your seat.

Now, on to the positive points. The sound is very nice and thought out. Its intuitive to the mood and situation of the movie. Its also very well done in general, its not an annoying soundtrack, and adds to the quality of the move.

The graphics, were very well done, detailed. The animation is almost never grainy. Actions of the characters and scenery are dynamic and the color scheme is also very well thought out. Just overall, well done with some very minor shortcomings.

The style and granted style is largely a matter of personal opinion, but I think it was very creative and unique, although it does play off a similiar theme of many other flashes and doesn't vary enough from the genre so much to make it a genre of its own. To people live happily together, one goes off to war and ther other must go on a epic journey to find them along with their friend(s). This doesn't necessarily take away from it, but the style's not unique, just wanted to point that out.

The screenplay is emotional, intelligent, and has to absorbed in the film, though some parts are a bit overplayed or unrefined. If that were to be changed I would say that the movie would go from very good to excellent. Since what they say and what its about is what gets you interested and makes you stay interested in the movie, so it could be a little more interesting.

Violence, well yes it could be a little more bloody. A little more emotional. The combat and firing of the guns could be a little more reall. The characters seem almost seperated from the violence, immune to it. I think it would be a little more interesting if one of them were to get injured a little bit.

Interactivity. To the extend it needs to be interactive it is. How interactive can a movie Really be. I mean, going back would be a nice feature, but otherwise what could really be added. I think the way this genre is there really isn't all that much interactivity that could be included.

My conclusion. Overall very good, with some minor imperfections that really dont' take all that much away from it, but thats just this episode.

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THat was pretty good

that was much better than I thought it would be

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