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Old song

18 fps isn't something to be that proud of, try adding 2-4 more and it's appeal will grow. You found a good song, it's old and has many fans I love Lynch. I love that song! But you took the idea of the dead puppies, showed them dieing, PUT HIM ON THE FRIGGIN CRUCIFIX. The lip sync failed to exist, the song wasn't whole, AND THAT GUY ATE THE PUPPY. The song is funny, but this flash is pretty 'violating'. Mind you, I'm into funny gorey things - but my oldest dog has sadly passed away only a few months ago, so be weary of touchy people, who may be in my situation too.
-Peda (kepp on thryng though - The flash has some high potential)

nueterz responds:

Sorry to hear about your dog, i lost a kitty awhile back cause my over weight girl friend fell asleep on it. so i know how you must feel.

glad you liked the graphics though.


That song is so upbeat despite a strange subject. And there's a choir! The song ends sooner than the flash, and there's some syncing problems.

nueterz responds:

yea the sync of the song acts diffrent towards diffrent connections.

thanks for the review.

wtf just happened?

whatever it was it was pretty damn cool! keep it up!

nueterz responds:

i dunno what happen but im glad you enjoyed it. :))

Old, but funny song

The graphics dont enhance it much at all. I wanted to see the puppy rotting in the hall, cmon man :D Work on your flow a tad and things will be a ok. Over all though, a much better than you average submission.

Remember to spay and nueter your pets!

nueterz responds:

why would you wanna see such a horrible thing like a puppie rotting in hall?haha yea my next movie ill add more detail to the audio being in sync more with the animation.


the wrongest and best thing ever!

this is soooooo wrong yet its funny as hell and the best to come out of puppies in while

nueterz responds:

:) thanks

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2.57 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2005
11:40 AM EST
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