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Big Black Ben (NEW)

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This is the new and improved version of BBGNB, Hope You Like It Email Me Your Damn Comments.
Love Justin

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Truly... timeless.

If i only had the allowance or authority to make this a live action commercial... i would SOOOOOO do this and .....revise it alittle more to be better! XDDDD LOLOLOLOL. :)

lol gets me eveytime

Yes, I loved this! I appreciate how this holds up after all these jokes. I especially love how serious the announcer plays it. It's just nice to see this being put to life. I heard this was based on some radio skit. The animation is great.

It's especially funny to see the live-action photographs talk. It does make me wonder how exactly he would protect. I assume he'd fight them too. The voices are really funny. I just like seeing Ben's eyebrows.

One of my all time faves