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This movie's story was written and created by Richard Coufal. I animated it and we both voiced it (along with Adam Drawdy).
For those interested, Richard is the exact same person that the Richard character in my Sunday School series is based on (you know... the one who always sniffs the glue).
This movie is mostly just about a guy and his crappy day. It's nothing super freaking original, but hopefully some of you will get a laugh out of it.


Pretty good

This was apretty good effort. The graphics were smooth and had a nice look to it. The sound especially the voice overs was well done. But the best thing was the plot and I really like it. Overall keep up the good work.

(who the fuck is hamy_jamy)

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EricSullivan responds:

There was a plot?

Not bad at all

Quite a good animation, i was confiused when he started pissing on himself, but was glad to see that Ms. Doyle was in another animation after sunday school

EricSullivan responds:

The boss in the movie is also the father of the nerdy blonde girl, Mary in "Sunday School".
I just love doing needless cameos and connections. :)

i hope everyday of work will be like that

pretty damn good i thought. all of the technical stuff was good - smooth graphics, animation and great sound effects (nice voice acting aswell - and the plot was excellent. im sure that a lot of people have felt like that at work... but it never really is that bad :P haha.
anyways, he has a gun... he could just vent his anger through it XD.
nice work.

i dont know what the last guy was talkin about

that movie was weird and completely random but still it was tight

EricSullivan responds:

Exactly what my friend (the creator & writer of this movie) wanted.


wat the heck was that movie even about? give it a better plot next time.

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2.97 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2005
10:17 AM EST
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