Falling Choices

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Well, this is my first attempt at a "game". i really worked hard on this so vote fairly!



That flash was well funny! i especially liked the rock one! The 'gore' actually looked good and i actually laughed out loud at them. Very good. Well done!

that was ok

the graphics are smooth enough. you can always use more colors and make the movie more 3D

DomFera responds:

ahah. i never used n e 3d. that was all masking.

not too bad at all

i quite enjoyed watching it, even though its an unoriginal concept, the result was a pretty funny little 'choose his death' movie.
im glad you had more than 3 options, because otherwise it would have got too boring, too fast.
the animation was also pretty smooth, and all of the deaths seemed accurate enough in terms of blood splatterage, and the abruptness of the impact.

ok i guess

short and not enough options, but, the way you did the stick figure i thought was pretty good and the choices that you chose were good. I liked the tree one, unexpected.

has a way to go yet

Not a lot to say, but hey not bad!
I liked your style with this as it seemed pretty original and there was a bit of interactivity thrown in there. Different outcomes every time with humour definately gave this a plus.
However, I felt the pace of this flash was a litle too slow and in some cases it took a while for the chosen action to happen, perhaps this was because you used the same background repeated over and over for the cliff? I felt the graphics felt too MS Paint so what I suggest is that you need to tweak up the graphics, add some clouds and birds in the sky and add a branch or crack in the rocks occasionally down the cliff to give it that extra little bit of interactivity. You could also add some more options for the character to die and you could even add some dramatic music whilst falling down the cliff.
Overall an original and funny idea, but it has a way to go yet.

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2.46 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2005
5:05 AM EST
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