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Zero's Revenge (prologue)

rated 2.88 / 5 stars
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Jan 15, 2005 | 4:50 AM EST

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Author Comments

thx to SilentThief for making a storyline for me!! yay.. but i haven't finished the movie yet.. so please wait



Rated 2 / 5 stars

srry bout the bad score but its the truth

Yeah sorry about being brutally honest with the score. About the plot suggestion I think you should go with Kingkazul400's idea. Im a huge mega man zero fan (im already trying to figure out when mega man zero 4 is coming out). Try to work on the sound effects more and the little glowy thingys the droids have.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


megaman zero's revenge... nice sound fx.. i guess it's alright looking... could be better if it were drawned. meh.. text readings.. but no voice acting.. this movie seems rather short.. there wasn't much to see.

davidville18 responds:

have you ever heard zero's voice?? guess not.. that's why theres no voice acting.. I'm currently adding the fight scene and as soon as i get a "Slashing" sound effect i'll post the updated version of Zero's Revenge


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

To be honest...

I'm gonna hard and honest to you. The graphics look like they've been directly ripped from the VBA emulator, something I don't approve. Try using the sprite sheets from Sprites Inc.

You're asking for a storyline and given from what you have working right now, I'd suggest something to bridge the "plot hole" between MegaMan Zero and MegaMan Zero 2. From the script of the game, I suggest you stick with your desert theme.

Logical reasoning dicatates that Zero spent the plot hole period in the desert after the demise of Copy X. From the intro of MMZ2, one can also surmise that Zero has just arrived at the edges of some civilization. If you wish to, try to throw in the Desert Stages BG layers of some of the old MMX games to show Zero relearning of his past. Just a minor flashback might help, such as recalling what deeds Zero had done in his past.

Of course, you can just do whatever else you can think of. If you wish, you can contact me via email.

davidville18 responds:

<FYI.. i didn't "directly ripped" the sprites from vba emu.. i got it from Sprites Inc..>
thx for the suggestion


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

this was pretty good

ok well heres an idea for a plot why dont u do something like get a dark zero sprite sheet from the x series then have him fight him. like the dark zero destroyed everything. and put the opening with him standing up like at the end of one. u know its just a suggestion other than that good job.,

davidville18 responds:



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Hmm... OK then

Well, you seem to have Flash down pretty well, the animation looked pretty damn smooth and everything. Obviously being too short is the downfall, and there are a few inconsistencies:

1- The first scene says "4000 AD" yet the Megaman Zero universe is supposed to be set in 22XX (or possibly 23XX if you believe that MMX Command Mission is in 22XX). That would mean Zero is almost 2000 years old in your story.
2- For a prologue, very little is really explained. Why is Zero in the desert for example? But then, as your author comments say, you don't really have any real idea for a plot yet.
3- What is the reason for his revenge? We see a scene where he's just about to fight an X Clone, then it cuts out.

I'm not too sure about ideas for a plot. Perhaps Omega X and his army has attacked and destroyed HQ. Zero clashes with Omega, but fails, and is now searching for any clues that may help him in gaining enough power to defeat him. Not sure though. Try looking at some other Megaman-based flashes for inspiration such as Megaman X Gets Taxed, Megaman Polarity or any of the flashes by CheveLoco if you haven't already.

You have the skill, so I'd like to see it put to use. I'll keep an eye out for your work.

davidville18 responds:

thanks.. I think I made up a little plot for the movie now... thnx for the suggestion!