Little War

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This is my best Frame by Frame animation I ever made and the first I sent to this site


niiice man

i really thought that waz good. keep up the good work!!! wow. ur first. niiiiiice. Now, this is the kind of things i would LIKE to be seing when i read "This is my First fbf ever." in the author's comments part. but no, some people jus fool with the program for 5 minutes and call themselves a flash artist. i really think you did good, so keep it up man.

Frame by frame, my ass.

You say it's a frame by frame, but that was some of the most blatant motion tweening of movie clips I've ever seen. I voted 0 just because you put an obvious lie in the author's comments just to make morons vote higher.

rgfunnyman responds:

No what I did was I made all the animations frame by frame then I put them all together. K..............................I H8 YOU


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rgfunnyman responds:

Now how can u bllam If you never ever got a flash movie here. GOD!


Its gewd for beginers ^^ IM A BEGINER ^^ but knows |-|ow to rei\/ew

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1.92 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2005
10:46 PM EST
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