The Glove

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This movie has been planned for a few weeks but due to some delay, we had to stop for awhile but then we startd on this and 4 days later its complete enjoy and most of the info of the story is on the preloader
~Enjoy and its better than our other movie We Found It !


A suggestion.

Bu puting a lamp next to the camera to shine on the characters you wont have to get the constant moving shadows in the backround.
Besided that it was cool. Good job ^^

BobtehLog responds:

hey thanks for the tip:) ill try it, ive got something like that in my room somewhere, just gotta find it when i can be botherd XD


Im an asshole, I hate claymation, so sue me.

BobtehLog responds:

I love you too... jokes
why even watch it even if you hate clay??

I like it

This is pretty good. I thought the voices were a little poorly done, though.

BobtehLog responds:


good work

dont worry about the ass-hats that cant appreciate a good claymation when they see one, because this was quite good. it had a fairly decent story line, the characters looked different to each other, and most importantly the animation was pretty smooth.
the voice acting was also quite good, and i thought that overall it was pretty funny. good ending too.

BobtehLog responds:

hehe thanks another THUMB: UP again thanks:D


-.- this is wut my nd my friends would do for a PROJECT CANT U DO ANYTHING BETTER !!! i only like the precious scene try making it look better at least eh?

BobtehLog responds:

its our 2nd claymation what do expect, me to be like knox??

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3.06 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2005
8:35 PM EST
Comedy - Original