Kill Blue?

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I threw this together in about 4 hours. The music doesn't fit the occasion, and it's too damn easy. Kinda fun to take your anger out on though.


i dono....

it was funny...but blue needs a more dramatic death...like...um.....explodin g and having like a squirel come and carry away his eye or somthing...and needs hard core rock...try slipknot music.that always works well=)but the way he dies...he just..disapears....and there needs to be multiple hit kills,like shoot off his arm,shoot off his tail,shoot his head and he dies,and the body needs to stay,and if hes in a tree,he should fall out and splatter everywhere.then eventualy there will be bodies everywhere!and there need to be more than 10 kills,whenever blue dies,make there be a chance for 0 dogs to apear,1 dog to apear, or 2 dogs to apear.thats all i realy hav e2 say 4 now=)

Wheres blue?

Heh heh... I found blue, in peices... Overall, a nice flash, sound could be a little less annoying. I found it funny, though you could probbly could add a bit more to it, cause really, its very short to play.

I wish this was part of a bigger game.

Well, the gunshots weren't BLAMBLAM loud, so that was pleasent, and the "game" (or toy, whatever this might be considered) wasn't particularly *annoying*, but I wish this was a part of something bigger. Perhaps you could expand on it in the future - actually i did find it kinda fun. ;)

And Richard_Joslin, if you wasted five minutes on this, you need to clean the mouseball, dude. This took me appx. 20 seconds to play.



That was not so good. It took me about 5 seconds. That was a waste of 5 minutes of my life. Dont do nething like that again. ever.


like u sed; short. it did justcie to something u sed didnt take long to make. was that music from final fantasy vii?

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Jun 16, 2001
8:57 PM EDT
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