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Everyone's been here, or known someone in this situation :)


heheh true

yeah that is like most chat rooms hahaha, but anyways that was abit funny, would be alot better with some sound though...

A short film based on a silly joke. The art is pretty crude, but effective. There is no sound whatsoever, which is disappointing. The joke is actually a little humourous but it's so old now it's predictable. Not bad, but not great. Average.

Needs work

It was a good idea but you just didn't plan it all the way through. The animations were not bad but not that good. The character drawings although for the funny it was over the top with the wooden buck teeth. The picture thing was a great idea but the pic for the guy was just way over the top but then again it was for the funny. I guess this flash was ok although a little too short it was ok.


dis is funny,
but the worse thing was,
at the end,
where there is a quit button,
i clicked on it,
but it didnt work!
..dat really freaked me out.. kuz i didnt wana watch such a poorly done flash again
nice work on the humour tho


The flash in general kinda sucked, as there was no sound. However, I know that wasn't the point of the flash. The flash was funny and got the point across. People on chat are usually lying about something.

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1.95 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2000
4:42 PM EDT
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