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Imp episode 21

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Okay, after MONTHS of delaying, here it is, the first episode of the third season, yay ^_^, so new characters, intro and voice actors..
Mayleen is pregnant and tells about the past, while Luc is running for a killer nerd on the loose..


Man. Are we stuck in a rut, or what?

Well, I don't really know what to say.
On one side, I love this. The animation's great, comedy's good as usual, and there's even a bit of action, although not all too much this time around.

On the other side...
It... doesn't seem to have the zany madcap hilarity I've come to love, and am incidentally part of.
I'm not saying it wasn't funny though, on the contrary.
The Falling Johnny running gag was brilliantly executed, the way how the Ultimate Overlord was actually a nerd was fun, and ZoDy messing around with the doctors in the Labor Room was well done, too.

But it was really clear that this episode was mainly made to introduce the new characters in, instead of simply pleasing the public.
Ahwell, I guess every series needs a "slow" episode every now and then to catch up on story issues.
They can't all be gems, can they? =P

At any rate... The voices....
...Man. They're not as horrible as Misteroo makes it seem, (and Arfenhouse is freaking funny, but sound-wise, they're no gems, either...) and I really like how actual girls are willing to do the female voicelines lately, but... well, it'd be nice if they put a bit more feeling into it. ^_^;
It's called voice ACTING for a reason.
That, and the breathing kinda bothered me, as it did everyone else.
I see Hol fixed his lines a bit though, that was a pleasant surprise.

Ahwell. All in all... I hope the next one'll turn out better, and hereby I'm calling out to all our voiceacting crew to please make it sound like you actually care about what you're saying. ^_^;

Oh, and the links on the end of the movie don't work. ;o
Well, that's about it. Good fun.
And everyone, remember to hail the shoe!


RogerregoRRoger responds:

Well, tough you said you was depresive when you said this, i have no other choice then to agree with you.

The reason why the most girls sound like they don't care. is because the simple reason that, unlike you, they haven't seen the episode but just the lines in one email, which learns me, how much more convenient this is for voice actors, i have to demand them to watch the actual flash at least once..

Second, yes the episode was for storywise.. Lot's of talking, but hey, it's no Dragonball Z or Yu gi oh talking at least ^_^;;

so eh..yeah.. you know the next episode, so you know if that one got more action then this one, do ya? ^^;


Nice and clearer backgrounds and characters. Old sometimes makes confuse of location even character is in the same place.

Start of season 3... thmm

*steals the 12th review slot, not that there's anything significant about that number ^^"*

Seen this a fair few times now going through production, but as a fan and a bud it wouldn't be fair if I didn't leave a review on the place my comments on Flash movies seem to make the most impact. My opinions on your Flash movies in general are covered in other reviews so I'll save repeating myself in that respect. Getting to the good stuff I love the new intro, the John death running gag and no matter how many times I hear her say it, Brany still sounds cute and makes me laugh at the same time XD

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yokay ^_^

hahah! YES!!!

another episode of one of my favourite series! awesome! haha.
well, i think that after months of delay it was worth the wait, because this was pretty damn good. about 10 minutes long isnt it?
anyways, the graphics are as good as they always are, the voice acting is still terrible quality wise, and the story line was really good once again.
another really well made episode! when will the next be coming out!?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

The next one? well im gonna be a lot more strict with the voice actors, thats for sure


another great episode in the Imp series. this is one of my fav series' in the portal.
great work, i hope to see some more in it.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay, glad you liked it ^^

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3.93 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2005
10:18 AM EST
Comedy - Original

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