Broken Saints CH 12 ACT 2

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In this controversial 2nd Act of Chapter 12 in the Broken Saints series, ORAN (the Muslim mercenary from Chapters 1, 3, 6 Act 1, 9 Act 1, and 10 Act 2) is being held aboard a NATO military craft bound for America. But before it lands, two suspicious Lieutenants rattle his cage and insinuate themselves in the death of Oran's dearest childhood friend, HASSAN (Chapter 3 and 10 Act 2). Will the truth of this horrific deed shatter Oran's heart...or will it ignite a Faith and Power greater than he has ever known? **

(this act was one of the strongest for voice and 5.1 Surround on the new Broken Saints DVD Collection at www.brokensaints.com, with completely rescored music by Tobias Tinker)

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Broken Saints Chapter 12 Act 2 was excellent, loved the fight scene, Oran is starting to turn into a real bad ass, i wonder what will happen to the 2 lieutenants, cannot wait till the next episode.

Graphics: Very well done with some good animation especially the fight scene.
Sound Effects: Really good but only a little of it.
Sound: There were extras soundtracks in this act which was brilliant keep them coming.

Overall this gets a 9/10 for me as it was short again but the fight scene made up for it.

this was really really bad ass

omgs the ending wen he saids i believe was badass and very symbolic

bad ass

i love this story


yeah, I found that little homage to guile and Charile pretty funny.

We call them "Lef-tenants" here in canuckistan...

Quite a bit more hard-core than the rest, but nothing unmanageable. Everything remains as cool as it has ever been in this series, and I am particularly impressed by the use of static images that allows for fighting-action scenes. It is easy to forget that no-one is actually moving (much).
I found the storytelling was very good in this section. Since each of these chapters centers around one of four people, it is easy to make those characters important to the viewer, but this really makes the additional characters compelling as well, if in a negative fashion. The fact that the two lieutenants are so hateable (I spent half of the movie thinking "Those @#$%ing assholes!") makes the audience really root for Oran, and enjoy their comeuppance.
This also helped to clear up the time period somewhat, for I was confused. The fact that there was a canadian soldier with them makes me think that this probably wasn't the current occupuation of Iraq, which I thought it might have been earlier. Now I'm pretty sure this is set in some future, imaginary war. This kind of makes the politics of the movie different, so if it IS in the future, we don't really know exactly what the armed forces are doing over there. It probably doesn't matter...
Anyway, gets all my 5s
Keep up the good work!

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Jan 12, 2005
1:09 AM EST
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