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I usually dont do this but this time im going to forgive you regarding your review but voting 0 on Bitey of Brackenwood is just :S.. really insane its well made this guy worked as a special effect at DISNEY so.. i think you should you know bow for him and respect his work.... not all people make such nice flash im more interactive games

**NOTE: All Answers in LOWER CASE Letters**

Hehe this is completly different from my previous submissions of the hentai puzzles.. but this took me long hours to make :) program redraw characters thinking of questions and record the audios for the soundbytes so plz give it a chance :) and if you are family guy fan you will like this :) remember its best if you get Flawless to show you how much you know :)


It's ok, i could only get 280

i kept getting stuck on the Jew soundbyte and where seth grew up.

I Love You...

The best thing... ever. I knew every answer and got 400 as my score!! Don't believe me?

Soundbytes:(1)head(2)slap(3)country music star(4)egg calendar(5)and no play makes stewie a dull boy *all answers must me in lower case letters*


Beyond:(1)Seth Green(2)Seth Mcfarlene(3)<-(4)Mila Kunis(5)Seth Mcfarlene(6)<-(7)Kent, Connec.(8)Woodbury

Sorry for me blabbing away the answers, but than other people woudn't believe me. When you think about it, I'm doing you a favor. People won't complain it's too hard. Wow Long review.

P.S. Lacey Chabert also voiced Meg Griffin. (1999-2000)

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Plebbi responds:

Dude what the hell :s.. if you do this you trash it for everyone else damn why cant the author edit reviews :S... damn fine then people can win but they have it on themselfs if they know they cheated.. and yeah Lacey Chaberts did the voice for meg up to 1999 :D not the 2000 :P or at least not the whole year but yeah.. you are true family guy :D fan

its great

exept 4 da last soundbyte i need da answer ppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa


i new the answers just couldnt spell them right wich sucked

Are u going to eat that stapler... Wanna split it?

I am a family guy freak but the last ones on part 3 were too hard (i dont no megs voice and seth's middle name and hometown)

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