Catch that Goblin

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OMG YES!! Front page =D Thanks

This is my first non-stick flash movie =D
A hungry goblin needs to still his hunger.
So ya.. Vote fair and don't forget to visit www.flashmafia.com
Special thanks to Skaven for the music, and to Rezuth ofcourse >=)


OOOOOOOoooo the insanity, the chaos!

Love the music too. Great job! Want to see more coming from a promising artist.

Get-lost responds:

Thanks =D

I love it

make another this movie was great, this is some of the best work that ive seen on newgrounds and you can tell that you guys took your time making this

Excellent !!!

This is a classic flash Just like the old days YES More please!!

A 3.88!!! Thats it!

This deserves to be placed right along with Prowlies at the River and Fallen Angel and Sinjid and crap! Should be #1- #3 this was so gooooooood. And to be honest I do like it better than prowlies at the river. Although some of the graphcis in that were AMAZING, but this compares almost as eqaully. GREAT JOB MAN hope to see more movies like this!

Get-lost responds:

Hope it gets a good score. Thanks

Road Runneresque flash movie. I Like it.

Great movie. Sounds and music went perfect and animation was smooth.

The goblin also looks like Q-Bert. Aside from that. Pwn3e.

Are you thinking of giving the goblin/orcs/other creatures in your next film(s) voices/names? You should :p.

Get-lost responds:

Thanks. They may have voices =P But it's kinda cool letting them not have voices.

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4.00 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2005
3:31 PM EST
Comedy - Original