Broken Saints CH12 ACT 1

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The crew of the Revelation is in disarray as Shandala stands before them. Gabriel has heard his men scream in terror and flee from her...and also seen her adopted brother recoil from her gaze. What dark force resides in her heart now...and who will pay the ultimate price for disturbing it?


ahh, the plot is thickening.

man this is such a tedious series to watch. seriously dude, you could have made all of these movies twice as short... they drag on for so long that they start to loose any meaning they once had.
however, this had some rather large events compared to the other movies submitted so far in the series, so it was a little bit more entertaining. but overall its just far too slow moving.

mixed feelings

i don't know, i have mixed feelings about this. there's no doubt in my mind that this is a great piece of work, but i don't know if it was enhanced or depleted by the lack of animation. i have to admit i really enjoy the sense of a comic book with a soundtrack, and i was impressed that you managed to get a very real sense of motion out of static drawings. but there were times where it just felt lacking. maybe it's just because i'm so used to the typical animation style that i had trouble adapting. however regardless of any small shortcommings it is definately a work of art. i desperately love the fact that you put plot and dialogue, and just plain quality writing ahead of the actual animation unlike so many here on ng. i was very impressed. you just got yourself a loyal viewer. keep up the good work

Nice litle piece

Your animation could get more fluidness(...is it even a word!?) but i love it i could watch that serie the begining to the end a few times and not get bored,you have a nice drawing skill keep on making them and improving them and it could become quite popular! Good Luck

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3.90 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2005
2:22 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place January 12, 2005