late xmas of doom..

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Yeah i know it's to late for christmas, it's for a contest, besides, with the godamn slow voices keep delaying me, i'm lucky this xmas movie isn't submitted in july 2008...And in the end I took over the voices..Screw voice actors..
Anyway, for the people still waiting for sonic movie madness, and imp 21... have a lot of patience please..mine is running out.. arghh, voice actors X__X.. takes them the time to speak 2 lines in the time i finish 5 movies..
This movie has no plot..ah well.. it's fun.. i hope


Short and sweet.

Hail the shoe.
Another laugh out moment in this flash. In fact this flash is filled with them. Along with great sound, brillant graphics and a little violence altogerther this makes a great flash.

nice work

cool video i recednise the drawing. Are you the author of da matrix downloaded? Tell me.

it was good

it was good but it was kinda short still it was good o and merry Christmas.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay thanks

Well...it was ok, not as good as I thought it'd be

...but hey, I still love your movies so I gave your overall a 10. Oh and I've been on the IMP website and it's great and very very VERY interesting, I'm getting to know some of the character's names and read some very interesting facts on how you got this all started. Hey I hear that H Hog is a big fan of Sonic, well I'm hopefully getting Shadow the Hedgehog for Xmas. If you ain't got or played or heard yet, then okay. HHog also emailed me and said I've got him all shy last time...sorry about that...lol don't worry there's nothing between us lol...but you and all the rest of the gang are the best, keep on err...entertaining lol.
Also, Happy Christmas to you all. Good luck on your next movie if you're doing one.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah i own shadow the hedgehog , tough i barely took the time to play it yet, only 2 or 3 hours at the most.

Hhog is kinda shy yeah, i guess.
My website? *shudders* really gotta make an entire new one from scratch soon.
Well glad you like my stuff, and IM working on a second IMP xmas movie at the moment.


well i love the humor of yours but something you got to make better is your graphic i think thats why you almost never is on the first page but now we talk about this movie it was pretty fun i guess but it wasn't the perfect name it didnt really match

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

im awfull in tihnking of good titles.. so yeah..

about drawingskills.. err.. well, it's my style I'm afraid ^^;

most poeple get used to it and grow to like it after a while, for the once with less patience.. to bad..

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Jan 10, 2005
12:20 PM EST
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