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Animation Tutorial 5

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Author Comments

This tutorial should help some people who don't know much about drawing... it is very useful for creating good backgrounds as well. Even if you know perspective it is always a good idea to brush up from time to time.

Thanks for voting, and PLEASE visit my site... I am working on a portal system to help people get better at flash... still in alpha stages but is functional.

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good but a little complicated

great tutorial, that explains drawing in perspective perfectly, but perhaps too perfectly.
I would say that it's not always necessary to draw so many lines because sometimes I find that you can get so wrapped up in the math and technical side of it that you forget to simply USE YOUR EYES.
Perspective drawing can be a big help, but just remember not to get too serious with it, rely on your eyes just as much as your brain, and you may save yourself a lot of tedious line drawing.


thanks for this tut, even though i can't fully understand it and a bit confused.lol. at least i have my idea now..^^

Speechless... O:

This tutorial is quite helpful!
I've seen most of you tutorials.
I love it, keep it up!


what he said below me! You make me feel like i could do it but it is gonna take some time! Thanks alot man


dude you awesome there the only tuts that actually teach me anything