Foamy Confession XX

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Thanks for the front page tom!!!

extreme amounts of hentai hentai hentai hentai hentai hentai hentai yeah! We all love the 20th confession of foamy hentai hentai everywhere and bleach pwns j00 lol! enjoy foamy going half hollow!

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Perhaps the best in the series!

I am quite surprised at how this managed to have way more action than any other entry in the series. I thought it was nice how you actually lived up to the description and showed some hentai. Granted, I'm not the biggest hentai fan, but it was pretty nice. It's too bad you're apparently done and I can't contribute to this. Of course, it isn't the best stuff I've seen, but it does have its moments, or episodes. Things like the animation and effects could be done better, though.


but this? .....no....

the end was cool

in the hetai filler the girl with the wings what is she off of

more plzz

it was lacking hentai and make fun of some other crappy anime not bleach ..........

gut pukin animation

why would you go to the extent of ruinin two of the greatest animations?????? is there something wrong in that head???? i cant believe this animation was ever made