Gone' Bananas

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UP is jump
LEFT and RIGHT move Bongo
SPACE shoots Bongo's limited range Banana Ray

Avoid Armadillios, Frogs, Toucans, and spikes (from any side)
Don't fall off the edge.
Grab the Blue Banana (1 per level) for a Banana Bonus!
Grab the Giant Banana to advance to the next level
Bananas are worth 1 each.
There are 20 levels, with a boss at the end
Monkey Heads are extra lives.
Invisible platforms DO exist!



Not bad, the music got a little annoying though. I like the concept of the game though, good job.

It's not bad, please read this though.

The sound does not help it. It hurts to flash, espically because there are looping problems where the sound overlaps, i had to mute my sound it got so loud and annoying. There was effort put into this however, keep trying and things get better. (Disregard style rating)


Give me monkeys who fling poo for an attack.


Its a very cute game. It has alot of potential. Get some better sound quality, PLEASE! Rework the graphics to make them more smooth. Redo some of the level design. Fix it up a bit and this could be a very awsome game!

Needs some work but a decent start

You need to work on the graphics and sound - this could be a much better game if you replace the flat sketchy graphics with something thats fleshed out a bit more. Consider using sprites created from 3D - poser works well for that sort of thing - TrueSpace, Cinema4d - and if you look around enough you can find free versions of alot of that software (not pirate but FREE versions) Drop a note if you want some more info on where you can look for that kind of stuff. Sound is WAY distorted - too loud reduce the gain a bit and it will work much better.

You show promise though - which is WAY more than I can say for MOST users who submit.

DONT abandon this - rework it - go through a symbol at a time and exchange what's there for something better - get help if you need it (but dont join a crew or a clan or any other group of smackheads for it)- rework the sound and don't use as much compression on the background jpg's - or consider vector backgrounds - this project could be very good with a little more time.

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2.49 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2005
8:55 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other