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UPDATE 10.01.2005: People seem to confuse me with The_Glacius, so to clear things out: My (-Maza-) real name is Matti Pajunen and Juuso Andelin, the animator is The_Glacius. Although I know how to animate with flash, I have no interest in it nor have time. But because The_Glacius is very unsure of his english and isn't very sociable, I can (or more likely have to) still answer your questions about his animations.

UPDATE: Well fuck me... Frontpage? It kind of makes you speechless to think that one's animation is on the frontpage of the internet's most popular flash-archive... again, I'd like to thank on behalf of myself and the_glacius for positive reviews and comments, and we will keep up the good work. :)

Ripping off madness and bunch of other flash movies, it's like, soooo original, and really, who the fuck cares?

The_Glacius did the animating, I did the more technical stuff, like adding a preloader (or in other words pasting and modifying the NG tank loader), replay-button and compressing audio as much as I could. This is the final result: This cute little bunnyrubbit with a samurai sword slashes through other bunnies in some kind of fairy tale-like forest.

We got tired of making a sequel for J.A.S.F 4, but might finish it if we feel like it. The_Glacius is currently animating a sequel for this baby, so if you like this one, you'll love the next one.

Music is by a finnish industrial band called Turmion Kätilöt. An excellent band with a twisted sense of humor. I really recommend to buy or order their first album "Hoitovirhe", because it rocks and that they wouldn't get mad at us for using their music in the movie. ;)


Hey, great animation.

Nice job. It is a great animation. Lots of cool ways to kill things. It looks a lot like the Madness animations. Overalll good job. Make some more.

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I can see why it made front page.

Good graphics and lots of blood.


This movie is killer! I saw this earlier at around noon but never got to reviewing it until now (6:44 PM). Anyway nice graphics, smooth animations. The fighting scenes made this a really "fun" movie because it just kept your eyes moving and load of crazy shit was happening! Great job!

Very nicely done w/ smooth animations.

Wow, I never knew that bunnies could be so wicked! This was a very good flash animation. I was very impressed by how you made this animation. The story was believable, the music was good. It was good because it blending in with the cartoon. The fight scene at the very end was good because it showed that Bunnykill was not some sort of Superman that could not die. I really liked the scene where Bunnykill fights the big bunny. Just to sum it all up, make some sequels, and if you could, make a game. I would sure love to see more of Bunnykill. Thanks for the submission. You deserve a 5!


this is a great movie. With flowing movement and over the top kills this is the best violent flash ever.

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4.33 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2005
10:56 AM EST
  • Frontpaged January 7, 2005
  • Weekly Users' Choice January 12, 2005
  • Daily Feature January 8, 2005

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