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I was inspired after the reaction to my first submission. So I spent more time on the artwork... and the script and the music... enjoy. This film is now subtitled! email: gsendrino@yahoo.com

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You can't take "me" with you to infinity. Oddly, that makes perfect sense. Infinity is not about "me". "Me" only gets in the way. Quite simple, really.

Unless I don't get quite what you meant, either, in which case, I still like my spin on it. Thanks in any case. :-)



ive never seen anything that even resembled this

ive never even thogt about this kind of stuff

not sure of the purpus of this movie was, but it was good i guess


So basicly you would explain a being has mind and soul, or at least thats how I understood it. To bring nothing but yourself means your mind and yourself, when you would be granted passage from your body to heaven your knowledge and wisdom go with your soul and when they exit the body they become one in it self, Thats what a conciance is your soul and your mind is yourself now. When you leave the body whether you were good or bad they become and one and judge you acordingly. Its hard to understand, but don't complicate it for yourself.

g-p-ogden responds:

No, I don't think you understood it at all.

You have a unique style of creating flash

You must be a religious person, but your flash movies for some reason make sense to me. They are related to beliefs and stories. I respect that you are a christian and I am a christian as well. For this flash, hmmm... I'm not even sure what this means.

g-p-ogden responds:

not a christian, actually...
the guy in the story is, and then realizes his mistake. you see, christian beliefs generally hold that we are individual pee-on creations that walk around on golden sidewalks after we die. we he realizes he is going to become one with god, he lets go himself and embraces the unity of consciousness.

Astounding to say the least.

It was quite interesting to me that this flash is just like so so many conversations I have with a friend of mine, who is Buddhist. Your flash reminded me of something my friend had said about there being one 'universal soul' in which all beings are individuals, and then as your scope receeds furthur away, we become one.

Although I am a Satanist, I'd like to congratulate you on this piece of art. I was actually planning on doing a philosophical flash, as that spectrum of life interests me deeply. But, I am currently unable to become proficient in flash due to lack of money, and lack of time.

If you'd like to contact me to perhaps talk about the flash im planning, (it's already been planned out in notes), and perhaps do a partnership in the making of that flash; it would be truly grand.

AIM- RulerFenrir
Good Day.

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4.52 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2005
10:37 AM EST
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