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Author Comments

His ever growing indifference towards his fellow humans is disturbing.
But in his adventures lies a warning for us all!

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its so funny hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaahaahhah ahaa and crazy hahahaa

Looked like a comic come to life

I personally like the graphics.But the animations movements has to be more fluid and it had to have a beter plot and be longer. Those are the major points. Please work on your flashes.

A visually beautiful flash with a good message.

First of all, I really liked your unique drawing style. The visuals were fantastic and a real joy to look at. Also, it was funny ibut it was also tasteless in a way and bothered me to some degree. However, the overall message from the author was really great and yes, people should consider donating.

P.S. The dumbass who wrote a review below me.. you are retarded indeed. Spoiled brat, you definately need some harsh tradegies to occur in your life.

It's Funny Because It's a Tsunami Victim

Hehe, It said donate money.........fat chance. The people in those villages deserved what they got for going on the beach to collect fish after the first tsunami hit and then got swept away by the second one because of their stupidity. They also would loot dead bodies and then get swept away so it is their own fault because they knew about tsunamis and they just stayed where the were anyways and didn't evacuate.

kinda cool

at first i didnt think it was gonna be good, then when he measured him and threw him back in, i started to laugh a bit

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2005
6:07 AM EST
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