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Broken Saints CH 6 Act 3

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In the Japanese countryside, Kamimura awakens from the vision of his temple being destroyed and finds himself in the back of a strange man's truck, bound for Tokyo. Meanwhile, on the shores of a remote island, Shandala and her adopted father await the arrival of a harbinger from the West.


Quality work

This series is amazing.

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Very Interesting

I thought the "egg"-xtra corny humor was a bit much to get the message across.

I am left in wonderment as to who and what happened to Kamimura. I'm sure I will find out soon enough.

Good up to now.

At a loss for an appropriate adjective

Despite what other people seem to think, I found this Broken Saints to be really enjoyable. The scene with the monk(I beleive that he's a monk...or erhaps a preist? forgive me, oh mighty Broken Saints creator.) It had a more light hearted feeling to it. Not that theres anything wrong with the darkness. Outstanding as always, I've just begun to watch this series, and i'm already captivated by it....even though I'm too dumb to get most of the words....but hey! Thats what dictionarys are for. Keep it up!

Not like the others...

This one was not at all like the other Broken Saints episodes... This one was quite boring, and to tell the truth, somewhat childish. It was very hard to finish watching this one, but I did anyway and honestly I wish I hadn't. This episode made me feel like you were straying away from the little story that Broken Saints actually had. All in all I am going to finish this reveiw by saying you really need to wrap up the story and get things going. This series is being dragged out, and like most series that do that, it is not as great as it used to be. Start putting more of a story into it instead of morbid, meaningless poems...

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Remember folks, the entire original series can be watched (all 12 hours!) at the brokensaints website, or buy the awesome, re-drawn and voice acted DVD box set!

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3.94 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2005
3:08 AM EST