Broken Saints CH 6 Act 3

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In the Japanese countryside, Kamimura awakens from the vision of his temple being destroyed and finds himself in the back of a strange man's truck, bound for Tokyo. Meanwhile, on the shores of a remote island, Shandala and her adopted father await the arrival of a harbinger from the West.


My review Of broken Saints Chapter 6,act 3

I think that it was more of the weaker parts of the Broken Saints Saga. The egg man was a bit weird and his egg humor is very dull.But it starts to get good at the end with waiting for the ship and that saves this act from being a lower score.

So messed up

This is the lowest scoring review I've given but only because the story in general was pretty bad here. The egg dude was pretty messed up and I dunno it wasn't all that funny. I didnt feel like the story was going anywhere on this one until, as always, then ending came up. Good work, but I'm hoping some more excitement will arise soon.

Is this the weak link?

tibetan buddhism..what is the connection with a Shinto priest? And why are all Japanese sages so scruffy? Personally I have never seen or met a Shinto priest that wasn't neat, clean, hair cut, clean clothes, PURITY! Shinto believes in PurITY and wouldn't allow himself to become so scruffy. And even if he were poor the state organization would pay for his up-keep or transfer him.
Regarding the island segment....the internal parts don't seem to hang together. what is the point of the piece of wood as far as the foster father is concerned? I don't get its importance.

False info

Uh, how should I put this. You don't know what you are talking about. Tibetan Buddhism does not believe in a "creator". Now it makes me wonder if you know about all the other things you are talking about. It is an issue of credibility, and I suspect you are also ill-informed on Allah and other spiritualities. That aside, it is fairly entertaining...


just great, it really was a change from the same, helped lighten the mood, yet teach us more about kam. Cant wait to see what unfolds in the next episodes.

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3.94 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2005
3:08 AM EST