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After 13 days of hard work, I managed to whip this up before my 3rd day at school. I worked extremely hard on this one, spending a few hours at night just drawing and setting the scenes.

Taegukgi - my 3rd attempt at a war movie, I think I did good.

And yeah, 'Taegukgi' as actually the name of a motion-picture, which inspired me to animate something similiar.

Thanks all.

Animated for the WarZone Competition running on StickSlaughter.com

Power-Fusion.com - 2005 - ToughLuck


nice work

this was a really good job, this is the blend between realistic war and corny sticks i love to see. i love this, despite it should be longer, and it wouldve also been cool to see those 203 'nade launchers in action, but still great.
good job.

i enver expected to see korean movie in newgrounds

i saw this movie and i said to myself "i bet american people would appreciate korean people more if they knew korean history" but i never expected to see one of korea's masterpiece in this website.
you really amazed me man
keep them coming buddy im expecting more


Good Job!

Taegukgi is actually the name of the Korean Flag. this movie was last year's big blockbuster in Korea. seriously it's one big sob story =/... but obviously it has a great storyline, about two brothers during the Korean war *(I won't spoil the details, so go find your asian friend and tell them to find it for you so you can watch it).

i enjoyed this flash very much, very nicely done =)

Great job!!

I'll add this into my favourite movie~ Nice job, man!

That Was Awsome man!

that was a great Movie! lotsa violence and great war action.

Why were The browns using 60 year old panzers anyway?

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Jan 6, 2005
7:22 AM EST