God is Dead?

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...it's not ideal.

I've just watched the Newgrounds version of this cartoon and it is SLOW, man it is SLOW. I'm never working with 80fps ever again. It worked fine on my computer at home when I was making it. Everyone come round to mine and I'll show you.

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interesting movie, with some kind of meaning, which i am too drunk/tired (delete as appropriate) to figure out
however i doubt the pope would say
' you made judgement day a HELL of alot easier'
i mean comon hes the pope
then again i doubt hed have sex slaves, but that was a nice touch


Loved the Zombies and sex slaves. If only the sound linked. Was that Myles?? Congratulations on a fine experiment and copping abusive reviews with finesse.
Im an easy marker, but long live the oesophageus??>>

Morlonic responds:

Wr.Way, thankyou.

Always thankyou.



Of course god is dead =p he's never existed in the first place.

Btw, gotta fix that sound, I think it's the frame rate, dunno how you'd go about fixing it though.

oh their god....

lol i have yet to see a funnier movie in my eyes :)
its just worth doing a movie like this to see how the zealots would react to it :)
one thing you could have pointed out though [or if you do another religion bashing movie] is that since the 3 major religions [christianity, judaism and islam] all worship the same god, but they all battle for control over him so to speak, then why doesnt he unite them into one group, or is it the conflict that keeps him a god, and if thats the case when does a god know he's a god, who is he trying to prove it too?

overall i give this a 7/10 :)

Stirring theme, lagging Graphics.

There is a lot of lagging in the sound department. It was good but it lagged. It made the moving agitating.
Try to clean up the outlining of the buildings, too.

The movie was just as strong as you intended. The violence, the obscene sexual behavior, the music, and the script brought definately brought out strong opinions on what you wanted to express. Good job!

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2.82 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2005
7:01 AM EST
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