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Weltling Dressup

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****Note: This is the Newgrounds version of "Weltling Dressup". Please go to our site, www.diverge.ws, to download and play the full version, which has additional secret items which are unlocked upon completion of the standard characters****

You've helped the Carious Weltling claim his destiny, now dress him up as a ton of different movie characters!



... I give up... this is a great game and all dude, but I've tried to make Pinhead for like 10 min now and can't figure out where to put the damn cube, neway, i hope ur game influences other dress-up games, it's sure a milestone in the series. great costume choices, very ... new outlook for the lil' naked bird. u should add a section just for fun to make it a more broadened game... like the traditional boring dressups for people who don't like change, i'm not one of them, but i'm sure there are a few (but i'm not saying put in porn shit, not that i think u wud). some music wud be good too, got a lil boring just clicking and draggin'. great game, it gets a 4 in my book (the "must be REALLY exact" placement brought it down a point for me).

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i had to find them all before i reviewed it.

i found them all. i've been coming back to it all day but i found em.

i love this kind of dress up game. it's far better than the boring "dress my dolly" games that you get.

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Great dressup, but...

I was playing the version on your site, and I've been trying for the past 10 minutes to find the proper placement for H.S. Thompson's tiparillo. Where the hell in his mouth is that thing supposed to go? Other than that frustration, this is an awsome dressup game. I'd just give it a little bigger margin of error in terms of item placement.

Best dress-up I've tried!


Graph: Great drawings! 10!

Style: It's the weltling from the game you made, with cult/horror movie classic character clothes! 10!

Sound: I can listen to my music while playing this game! :D 10!

Violence: It's a dress-up with VIOLENT characters :P 10.

Interactivity: I tried and I tried but I couldn't get Jason or that guy with the glasses and the hat... you should have some kind of connection point on the weltling or something... 8.

Humor: Ahahaha! Pee-wee is in there :D 10!

Overall: It's the best dress-up! 10!

There's a big flaw...

you have make the clothes lock into place...

i find that even if i got the correct clothes, im wrong becase the hair or body was an inch out of place

it's frustrating

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3.67 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2005
11:18 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up