Three Homicides

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Enjoy The Movie :D
Reviews please :)



some blue blob is hiding in the bushes but then gets shot by some grey blob.. cool background music... nice drawing of the white blob with the gun... a little short movie but it's all good.. the gunshots kept me awake.. good work.

(( OK )))

It was ok, the art was so-so, the backrounds seemed abit bland and simple, needed abit more detail and so-on, the story was ok though, kind of funny..



Honestly not to be mean or anything, but that was crap. I got bored within the first two seconds and figuired the rest of the movie would be horrible too. My doubts were proven when the next two seconds came, and before I could count much higher the movie ended and I was relieved. Otherwise nice graphics and good sound quality, but please think more before you create another flash animation.

Nice loading time too!


I've seen alot of these clocks and crap.
=\ this movie, is kind of pointless.... I meen, no action really. It was too short.

Although, its very nifty with the graphics and all. =\ meh. It's not that great of a show. -,-...

2/6 The monkey howled at this.

*gasp!* a clock hater!

haha. that wasnt a bad little flash i thought. it could use a little more work, but i think you have the basics down.
a couple of tips though...
remember that when you're drawing clocks, always actually draw the clock face with the dials and all. dont leave a blank circle, it doesnt look like a clock.
also, those little diamond things that move around above the clocks should only do so when the clock is talking... so they're not needed when nothing is being said.
overall, not too bad. keep working at it.

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2.43 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2005
6:29 PM EST
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