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PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 13

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Author Comments

Piconjo is sad :'(

what he needs is a witch hunter.


at least you are kissinng a girl

1 who is she
2 wat do you thinck of chubuca
3 wat do you think of legendary frog

your artwork is good y dont you make a kick arse flash that would kick Lf arse instead of this plz man

*sigh* can i get through to him?

Ok, it's obviously the Piconjo is some lonely guy who doesn't have a lot of real friends, so he tries to get attention on NG. Now, it seems to work, he gets his little cult going and all that, while pissing everyone else off.. Now, he doesn't care, because he just wants attention.. Dude, get out of your f'ing house and go do something. Knowing people online and knowing people in real life is not the same... Get a job, make some real friends... move on... The continued existence of Piconjo on NG is not healthy... Everytime you get the desire to make a flash, get out and take a walk to the store or something... You obviously only put about 10 minutes into each one, and you keep recycling the same drawings... Seriously man, close this chapter and move on...

GreatAnimatorOnizuka responds:

teh funny thing that j00 dont realize is that j00 need a life because j00 let a flash animation get to j00.

sux mai pen0r, piconjo pwns j00.


Not the most interesting but not bad for a go

Why, why, WHY?

why are you making this shit? Dont come with this shit "i l<3 yoo" its so retarded. some of ur movies r good, but most of em is shit.

oh yea...piconjo h8 j00!

...How do these keep getting through?

Has newgrounds gone soft? Roll our fucking tank in here, and start blowing these fuckers off of my planet.

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Credits & Info

2.12 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2005
12:11 AM EST