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currently i am working on this cartto, theres not much story in this preview, im working on another, movie like preview, but i just wanted to unaviel the project to the public


Great work of the shibbster

dood i gotz to say thats a nice lil preview but i still would like to know just to what this is about either way. great music addition ummm not really any violence but there was going tobe so ill give you all tens.


hmm so i get 4,096 letters to type what to say what...to say.... oh yeah! i almost made out with my ex! be proud of me. ^_^ and that was WITH her bf there! lolololol score for me.... -2 for the bf :-P

not bad, but could use some work

it was interesting looking, like it has potential, but i could hardly hear the guy when he spoke, maybe you should get a better sound recording system or you could just put in subtitles, now on to the graphics, it wasnt sooo bad, i could tel you spent a bit of time on this little 30 second preview, but it definatly wasnt top grade material, it looked like everything was made with the brush tool, if i am not mistaken(i duno what kamodiochi was thinking about it being hand drawn(twas mouse drawn, right?))

Mrshibbs responds:

I use the WACOM drawing tablet & the pen that comes with it, so basicly its hand drawn. so far the only other tool i used was, the line tool once at the beginning. im halfway done now, i've added 2 more scenes since the preview, and its looking great

Lovely graphics, looks hand-drawn on papaer

I look forward to seeing what you can do.

Not bad for a trailer.

Looks good, but I'd feel better about seeing the whole thing before I try to say too much about it.

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2.12 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2005
1:42 AM EST
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