New Year Asia

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This is new years in Asia,
think about it....



hey there are asians out there ya know like me. dont b racest and make us with slanted eyes ok.... and many ppl died in that incident.... all u prbably care about is ureslef and this land only. i mean what kind of chinese new year was that??????? obviously u got something against asians.. o and 1 more thing "let's hope that doesnt happen to us let us help" then y u do this flash in the 1st place huh???

What no F-ing Godzilla?

What are you think? An Earthquack, a valcano, and Tidal Wave: in Asia?

It is only always Godzilla, created by the A bomb and Evil White People!

An act of God? or merely wheather, what a Fool!

This was so bad!

I think this is beyond stupid, you making fun of the fact that countless people died. Also, New Years in parts of Asia are not on our New Years. Their New Years is on Feburary 9th this year because Chinese New Years changes every year. So before you go and make a flash get your facts straight.


Asia. Well it's not funny, not well animated, very ugly. and that's not because I'm chinese, because i know it happen mostly on Korea and Japan. the sound was OK, graphic truly suck (you truly believe asian like this???), well for violence, i dont know...


I actually lost some family friends in that...... *sighs*. It's not an excelent flash, but it hold a good point. Well done.

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Jan 3, 2005
12:08 AM EST
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