Carious Weltling 2

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****Note: This is the Newgrounds version of "Carious Weltling 2". Please go to our site, www.diverge.ws, to download and play the full EXE version, which lets you play the game fullscreen, has scoreboard support, and has higher quality graphics and audio****

Take control of a recently hatched Weltling in the sequel to the first hit "Badlands" game! Will this welting survive the twists and turns of Golgotha and eat his way to success? Or will he just end another oil spot on the sands of the badlands? Only you can decide his fate!


super awesome!!!!

its ok man they dont understand true genouis at work ;) express your self any way u want if it is quote on quote "sick" or not i personaly thought the whole whelting blood beam thing was really satisfieing and i for one FUCKING LOVED THIS GAME!!!!

( my comment does not include ever one just the 2 bellow me )

It is hilarious!

Man this thing was funny. It was kinda hard tho! The dumplings bounce everywhere its hard to aim and then the food fall next to them! lol but still its funny.

love it

it's even harder than the first love the addition of story mode as well, still think that little Weltling is adorable!


ace. i found level 3 on story mode really hard i fiinshed but only had one life left. then died on level four. i couldnt dodge the spears in time. oh well great game.

What a great game

This is such a good game. I love your style. And the fact that this is an incredible piece of flash goodness, and i will never amount to you.

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3.85 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2005
11:49 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed