Carious Weltling 2

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****Note: This is the Newgrounds version of "Carious Weltling 2". Please go to our site, www.diverge.ws, to download and play the full EXE version, which lets you play the game fullscreen, has scoreboard support, and has higher quality graphics and audio****

Take control of a recently hatched Weltling in the sequel to the first hit "Badlands" game! Will this welting survive the twists and turns of Golgotha and eat his way to success? Or will he just end another oil spot on the sands of the badlands? Only you can decide his fate!


Pretty to look at, shitty to play.

Good artwork and a novel mythos don't make up for wretched gameplay.


1. Damn near everything hurts you! Standing still hurts you, shooting hurts you, getting hit hurts you. It's explained in the game why, but it still makes for shitty gameplay. SUGGESTION: Either your blood-o-meter should run down WAY slower, or food should be more plentiful and easier to eat.

2. The only thing that helps you is eating food. Unfortunately, the game is horribly fickle about letting you do so! Seems you have to be pointing straight up, with a margin of error of maybe 5 degrees in either direction. Even then, half the time the bird doesn't bite. This is unfortunate, because food is quite rare. Even if you eat all the food that drops, you can't keep your blood level up unless you refrain from all shooting (which is BORING!). SUGGESTION: Since shooting depletes your blood supply, why not have slain enemies turn into food?

3. Massively cheap enemies. One enemy comes in the far background, so is invincible to you. He throws some kind of homing spear that will instakill you. As if that's not bad enough, eventually this massive spear-wielding shithead rushes you from either side of the screen. He can instakill you too, even if you're stunned! So basically, you make one little mistake and you're toast! Not fun. SUGGESTION: ditch the homing spear, and make Mr. Spear-Wielding Shithead move slower.

4. Not sure about anyone else, but I had big problems clicking outside the little game window and losing window focus. If there's no way to "steal" the mouse cursor in Flash, then mouse control is wrong for this game.

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nice theme but a pretty gorey game
lol funny shit i like it

This is... sick!

Uh.... eh....
Well, that was a really sick one.
High 5 for the creativity!

Wakatta? Peace!

Nice game^_^

I think that this game RULEZ! That's all I want to say ^__^


Man, I LOVED the first Carious Wetling game, so I'm glad to see a sequel. Your style is unique, because it's cute and distrubing. I'll download the full exe when I get off work. Can't wait!

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3.85 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2005
11:49 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed