Carious Weltling 2

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****Note: This is the Newgrounds version of "Carious Weltling 2". Please go to our site, www.diverge.ws, to download and play the full EXE version, which lets you play the game fullscreen, has scoreboard support, and has higher quality graphics and audio****

Take control of a recently hatched Weltling in the sequel to the first hit "Badlands" game! Will this welting survive the twists and turns of Golgotha and eat his way to success? Or will he just end another oil spot on the sands of the badlands? Only you can decide his fate!



Its hard to get a hang of but than you start to kick ass than you get to the part with the dudes with the skulls on their heads and they rip you apart, your head goes rollin and you lose a life its a kool game up to that point, i think if you where ganna have them guys run at you at least give us the option to jump..lol but any ways its a fun game and its got great ummmm...wierdness to it...:P

Fun and stylish game

If anyone is wondering what the music is, it's by the band Estradasphere. Why the author didn't credit them, I have no idea. They are a great band and well worth a listen or two. Their music was also in the high-scoring "Los Dias sin Dias" flash here.

Anyway pretty neat game, I remember when the first one came out. Great graphics with a unique style plus fun mechanics. Good job.


Man, the most inventive, entertaining and funny repulsive i´ve played here. AMAZING music. Great job

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man how bored were you when u made this game i am not saying it is bad but were do u come up with a weird idea like this. this was a great game and had like gameboy qualty

sweet game

This game is sweet, but the first one is much better. I thought the music got obnoxious quickly in this one, where as it kicked ass in the first one. I'm not sure which one is harder, but keep it up. And when is cerious peashy coming out?

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3.85 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2005
11:49 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed