A Breen Christmas

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That wasn't very nice!
it's a trick! don't touch it!


Damn, that's some smooth animation!

I gave you a ten violence because that guy got turned into a snowman. You don't see that everyday!

it was ok. but ud hav 2 b an adult to really getit

it was more 4 adults. like complicated poems and shit. but it was ok.

a really bad version of dr. seuss

guess im really not into the whole artsy kind of flash which this kind of reminded me of was basically how the grinch stole christmas only with a game and kinda sucked

Half life 2 = GODLIKE!

I love the perady you did on hl2 and cs_italy<source>> You should of have gordon make an entrance at the end and hand it 2 him. But oh well, i love the rebel throwing a snowball at the trooper then the tropper frezzez him lol. Keep up the great work.

What your fav lvl in hl2?

Mine is the gravity gun intro. O when i got it i ejected DOG ball out the area into the sky where we tested it out. It saw mad funny, you had 2 seen it 2 believe it. lol =)

Oh my GOD, YES!

That was the best flash I've seen in a long, LONG time. Oh man, If it wasn't nearly one in the morning and my parents were having sex in the other room, I would have been laughing my freaking ass off. I don't care what the other reviewers say, that was BRILIANT. Great work, awesome job.

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3.75 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2005
3:43 AM EST
Comedy - Parody