Mario's Mistake (1up)

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Ohh nooooooo!!! Mario did something to Luigi! :O ...NOT THAT *slap*

Mannnnnnnnnnn, well it HAS been a long time, and I acually have finished the flash long time ago, it's awesome!.... BUT it's way out of sync and I tried over 7 different ways to fix it and they don't work. Sooo, maybe if flash wasn't retarded I would've submitted it already :D!

So now... Help me with the syncing problem LOL BYE
-Matthew Morandi(Yoshi-1up)


hilarious (3

so funny make another but add more outtakes (3 ha ha ha


omg! that cloud has a face! O man I was laughing so hard on that.I loved it tho but you need to make another one XD!!!! I like the end ' did he turn of luigi's night light?' That cracked me up too. this is funny shit here dude.


Hilarious but too short. Make the second one already! Make it where... I unno... Mario stole Luigi's Tanooki doll or SOMETHING...

And how come I don't see you on AIM anymore? Either I forget what your screen name is or you just don't pop up anymore on AIM.

I know a few

Mario could have farted in Luigi's face, or Mario dressed himself as Daisy and the rest is yours to make up, Mario could have eaten all Luigi's cake from Peach (Got that idea from Super Mario 64 DS), Mario made him do with Wario,Luigi and Wario didn't notice and the both ran after him (Wario is slow, so he wasn't seen in movie), Mario killed Luigi's girlfriend Daisy :O , Mario spread out embarresing pictures of Luigi, Mario screwed up Luigi's party, Mario dressed himself as Luigi and made a fool out of him, Mario putted a crocodile in Luigi's toilet and that crocodile bit his ass, or a spider in his bathtub, that made him ran out the bathroom naked and everybody was watching, Mario secretly taped Luigi doing it with Daisy and sended it to the T.V.station so that everybody who watched T.V. saw that and the last one is that Mario just turned off Luigi's nigthlight. Great flash, can't wait. Hope I'm not too late for idea's.

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i have an idea!

make mario say that he'd take luigi to a concert and then took peach instead!(if not... the nite light is good too!)

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Dec 31, 2004
7:12 PM EST
Comedy - Parody