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This is my first flash movie! I just tried to make something... Its a pointless flashmovie so dont ask! I like pointless things so I made this without thinking about what I was doing! like it ore hate it!


An odd little movie.

It has merit for your first movie. I understand how that goes.

The title says it all, weird, and it lives up to that name. Tho I tried hard to find symbolism or artistic value but its just.. pointless.

Keep drawing and practicing and maybe one day you'll recieve a score above 3.

Marwo responds:

This project is my first flash movie ever. Flash is really hard and im still practicing. right now Im sitting here working on my next flash movie, trying to make this one better.. hope you will take a look when i submit it!
its gonna take some time tho!

Thx for the review!:)

Great job for a first flash!!!!!!

Salad fingers rip off or not I applaud someone who put so much effort into their first flash. One problem you can work on for your next flash is setting the tone. Add creepy backround music and I think everything could go slower instead of so sporadicly fast. Don't stop making flash movies, you have some talent!

Marwo responds:

I've already started a new project, im taking all words of advice to make my next flash better. Creepy music is a good idea, but im having problems finding some that fits for my next flash! My next flash is about a pshyco character I made up, I havent come up with a name for him yet but its gonna take some time to finish the flash anyway! Thanks for your review and i hope you will take a look at my next flash too, when its finished!:)


that was really good drawing and animating but the sound was pritty dodgy

Marwo responds:

Thank you!:)

Wierd but very good

The graphic was decent and the animation was smooth. Though the sound was kinda anoying but for your first submission this flash was actually awesome. Well done :) This will definately be the underdog of the week.

Marwo responds:

the sound was sepose to be a bit anoying but, I think I made it a bit to anoying! Thanks for the Review!:)

Well done.

Very interesting. It was very good considering it was your first flash. Way to go.

Marwo responds:


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2.61 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2004
8:56 AM EST