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This message will not be popular with some dumb kids, but it shows the effects that music can cause.


Extremely close-minded view

This flash was made to blatantly attack something that the author only knows about from stereotypes. Rap has a bad rep for being about "g's up, hos down" and "pop a cap in a b****", but that ain't what it's all about. You have to actually listen to a lot of the songs to get meaning from each one. Songs like Lose Yourself by Eminem are inspirational to aspiring artists of all genres. If you actually listen to some of the more meaningful Tupac songs, like Shorty Wanna be a Thug and Wonder Why They Call You B****, you'll get meaning out of them. Shorty Wanna be a Thug is actually saying don't be a thug, and talks about the consequences of the lifestyle. Wonder Why They Call You B**** talks about how women in urban culture make themselves out to be whores and ruin their lives; it tells them to change their ways and find a better way. There are also rappers, like Sanctified Syndicate, Will Smith, and Outkast, that are upbeat and make people feel good.

You also seem to think that rock is great and completely pure, like it doesn't advocate bad things and give over to a dark image. Rock is notorious for these kinds of things too. And it, also, suffers from the same stigma of being blamed for things "associated" with it.

dieneddie responds:

I cant argue with that, this is a very good point.

But id also like to point out that just because Eminem makes 1 or 2 songs that may be inspirational rap songs, doesnt subtract from the fact that the guy is a wankoid spazzmatronic white puppet for bad men with money who want to make more money by shocking and corrupting tactics which they take no moral responsilbilty for.


this one i like...but why rock and roll...why not....electro!? lol goodjob on this one

Sweet Jesus of AC/DC-A Great Band

Well, you have outdone yourself. No offense at all to you, but, finally a flash of yours with a good concept (like 45). Well, what irritates me is not the music or mood as much as it is the action and style it has taken with it. For example, society is all divided in music, and one's judged on music completely. When someone looks at a black guy one thinks, ooo he likes rap, like that's the most important thing. What I can't stand is the way people act when they're ghetto. They think because they listen to rap, they think they should wear huge shirts and pants and where jewelery everywhere and an askew cap on their head...when that has nothing to do with the music they listen to. Well, mind you, rock began rap (look at james brown and hip hop pioneers run dmc), but anyways, rock kids follow the same idea (punk bracelets, long hair, teen angst, nudity on stage [red hot chili peppers for example]). Anyways, I like rock alot more actually I like about every rock band you could name (except poser emo bands that stole from goth artists like the cure). And it's also weird because black people themselves are making fun of each other, I'm not referring to the obvious "disses" you hear in rap, but the music and their movies (soul plane, boyz n' the hood, friday, honeymooners) theyre creating stereotypes for themselves! I'm sorry but we're not the ones that say you like fried chicken and you're unemployed and you like to smoke weed...you are the ones! Anyways, if you like what I'm saying I could talk on all day about the truth of the influence on music (particularly rap). I could go on, and on, and on. Well, like bob dylan said- "The world's a changin'" and don mclean- "something touched me deep inside, the day the music died"

dieneddie responds:

great REview, thanks ;)


Well let's see here... you mispelled gangsta about ten times. The songs you pick to represent rock where not rock at all. I agree with your message but it could've been done sooooooooooooo much better.

dieneddie responds:

everything can be done better = but not by you , since u dont have one flash to date on youe credit.. haw haw


not bad movie.

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