MapleLeafLock: Beginning

December 29, 2004 –
July 9, 2018
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Author Comments

The somewhat true legend of how I came across the LockLegion. Now, this is my first movie. I have lots of skills in flash but meh, that only adds to the 2 secret ea...i mean, enjoy!


Can i be a member? i dont do anything but vote and watch, but still... I can flash you! (.)(.)


Well it was cute for sure, but like most clock, locks, socks, and whatever else there is it was short, lacked better story, and was just basicly 2 locks, why not improve with lots more characters and more depth to the sory, nice job though...


That was the best first flash I have ever seen.

Not usually a fan oif lock movies but this was alright, the graohics were greatanfd animation wasnt bad, sound could have been better but a good effort overall.

Lock Legion is a great way to hit the ground running into NG. Good luck with it, I hope you have fun with it. =)

click on the cloud in the top right corner when mappleleaf lock says "what the hell"

Nice work, keep them coming mate.

Being Canadian is the the best

That was really good for a first flash, it was pretty funny and entertaining. Although there is always plenty of room for improvement. Your could add some more detail to your artwork, which was pretty good as well as the animation. The computer voices are ok, but you should also look into some nice sound effects and music and such to help improve your flash. Locks aren't too original, but the ideas you have are, such as the pause that occurs, that was also pretty funny too. Overall I liked this flash and think that you are an excellent addition to your little Lock Legion. Keep up the good work, I expect to see some good flash from you in the future.

Barrel lock says: pwn.

But wtf was that ending, "why did you stop the movie" crap about? This shouldn't be blammed, but it shouldn't get any awards, either.

ok... OMG this is the holy shit of present for my this crismas??? i near to :'(... that's bad... but i have a question. U really lose ur time making this shits?? really...

The Lock Legion is still the best NG cult. Nice job, son...

Hehe normally I wouldnt expect a parody of the clock team to be any good, but since you can actually draw pretty nice, and presumeably put some work into it it turned out pretty good.
I liked it.

Locks blow.


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