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This movie is not yet complete, but I've feared it becomes too big so i'm publishing it now. I dont know if you people will understand what character are saying (my friend and i are not the best in english, we mostly speak french (and i mostly speak french AND chinese).). original text composed by Woody Allen for a piece of theater.

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a few tips may help:
1.)humans have aposeable thumbs ( your charcters are stiff)
2.)Louder more clear audio
3.) I like your drawings but, their mouths need more detail, and maybe more exact to when theair talking and not
4.)why do athens looks like Jap.'s' (too much Yu-Gi-Oh)
5.)better script writting for the actors
6.)and "god" and nothing to do with the Athens, they had a polytheisim (more than one god) like Zeus, Percisa, Venis; while "god" of the christan fate, is a "MONO"theisim (one god)


I cant hear what you're saying! Next time please make yourself audible.


I couldn't understand one word that was spoken in this piece of shit, but if I did, I sure I would have hated it even more. Two queers in togas stand there talking about who knows what for about twenty minutes. The animation also blows harder than a massive elephant whore-beast. Also, I think that Clown unit knows that they speak French in quebec, and I don't understand why you would learn chinese before English (the best language in the world). This sucks!

suck suck suck

My God, I can stand it if I know I'm watching a flash by a normal Canadian, but if they're from Quebec? No. Do you not realize that you are the second most hated people in the world (Americans are #1)? How can you suck at speaking English in Canada? God, you should've been taught to speak English when you were five. I mean, my Math teacher could speak English perfectly by the time he was twelve, and he was Greek even! And why would someone choose Chinese over English (unless you're from China)? Just because there are more Chinese speakers than English? C'mon, you live in a country where Chinese isn't even considered a secondary language.
Oh yeah, and the flash sucked too.

KDindustry responds:

u are an idiot. Quebec speak french, dumb ass.


Some of it was ok,
but it wasnt funny and the animation was pretty poor

KDindustry responds:

Well, how u want I to put animation in a piece of theater. It's hard u know, we are only two guy, grade 2 at high school. Don't compare it to those expert in flash that has 24 or older man. And our primary tongue is french. (well mine is chinese).

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Dec 28, 2004
2:33 PM EST
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