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A Late Christmas Present

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I started using flash about a year ago, but discovered this site about two weeks ago...I wanted to submit something onto here, so I started a fresh, but when i realised that i wanted to do something christmassy(if thats even a word) it was boxing day so I came up with the idea of Late Christmas, and Im giving you this gift, its only short as I couldn't submit it like two weeks after christmas that would just be stupid, so it has no story line or plot, its just a fun little short with nice animations and sound. Thank you for taking the time to watch my movie, and reviews are welcome I will read and reply to all of them.

Movie Facts:
27 items in the library
7 sound files
1 day to make


thanx for my TUNES!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111

yes, all my music are belong to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice first submission

I liked the graphics and the style, the sound was really nice also, it wasn't violent but it did make me laugh when santa fell down the chimney, :S, so thats why I gave it a 3 for that, overall 9 cso i really enjoyed it

xCrestx responds:

Thank you =D so much...well nothing else to sy just watch for my next submission which Im sure will be soon

to late

Needs to be on time, but stuff comes up I see.

xCrestx responds:

If that's all you are gonna critique on my movie, why bother? At least I had the energy to make a movie...But anyway thanks!

It's only the second day you know

So your not that late. great job.

xCrestx responds:

Yeah I know, but like I said I couldn't submit this 2 weeks later it would be stupid. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review :D


welcome to newgrounds! I saw that you were knew so I would just like to welcome you. That was a very well constructed flash, i like how you had the view from a box almost, which is a very rare style, lost but not forgotten i presume. I will look forward to your next submissions, obviously you have shown that you have much potential! Now you should further use your skills, to make the Newgrounds portal a better place! also look around the site! were not just all about flash, we also have audio, forums, and much more! :) enjoy your stay, and remember to have fun :-D. Great job on such the highscore on this flash!


xCrestx responds:

That was a great review, thanks. I'm glad that I have made a few fans of my work, and thanks for your warm welcome.

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Credits & Info

2.38 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2004
10:53 AM EST
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