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Essential ingredients for superior animation:
1. A good story idea that will make people laugh, or think, or both.
2. Drawing skill
3. A keen sense of timing.



That was good, because in the Catholic Bible it says Eve was made from the rib of Adam, while other books say it was Adam's Arm and leg. Throw the Bible's Text into its own face! lol

what caught my attention most is what wasn't there

I didnt get the joke, maybe it's just me.

Liked the graphics, pretty descent *thumbs up*

Besides that i was shocked to find that this wasn't one of the many atheist propaganda flash video's that inaccurately use historical, religious, and philisophical cornerstones to degrade religion and its institution- Kudos to you.

I don't see where this is supposed to make me think. I'm kind of wondering how or where you came up with this.
Maybe thats the thinking part :)


Nothing funny or interesting about this.

Let There Be Light...

Very fantastic...This is a useful tool in educating children... no sign of any harmful or explicit actions or textes.Splendid work...

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i like it.

it was very funny but i wish he would have paid for the perfect one! ( ; his nose looked weird look at it again and you'll know what i'm talking abot.

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3.83 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2004
9:44 AM EST
Comedy - Original