An LL Christmas

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This is a Christmas movie i have been under pressure from over the last couple of days. I failed to make a Christmas movie last year, so i hope this years attempt will not go down in vain. But anyway, please enjoy! And merry Chirstmas 04, if you celebrate it, that is =)

Edit: Woah, Daily 5th. Cool, my first Award =D



Haha! You got a rock! Good movie. It looked like it took allot of work. Good job! Oh yeah. and somebody fix that whole in the wall.


I likes it, nice and smooth animation, and the tank PreLoader was cool, heh heh. The movie sort of ended when it was just getting good, but those damn suprise snakes... But yeah, swell.

(I suck at making reviews.)


I Liked it.
That's why your on my favorite list.
I look forward to more flashes.

AubergineLock responds:

Hopefully i won't keep being lazy and actually make something, but until then. Thanks for the review.


"Lets come mushroom", i loved that line!. You did a great job with this christmas feel. It was so warm and fuzzy, and to see SBL trying to ruin christmas, like the grinch?, was a sight to see. I liked the setup you had but you should have had a santa lock come in at the end spreading christmas gifts around to all the locks, and then during the credits have the credits rolling on one side and have pictures of each lock with there presents on the other side with that nice musical number that you had going during the movie, nice stuff and merry christmas to all locks!

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

AubergineLock responds:

I probably would have done that, but i had to tie it up quick since i was actually just finishing it on Christmas morning 04. Thanks for the review.

Plz tell me Cuz I just joined Lock

Wait whos Starberry lock?

AubergineLock responds:

Look over there, a 3 headed monkey!

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2004
6:09 AM EST
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  • Daily 5th Place December 26, 2004