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This tutorial is pretty lengthy. I decided to make it very in depth so that you can actually make a game out of this. Don't blam this cause it's a tutorial


Not bad

Well I assume it works, I used an existing character I had and added to it. Personaly, I think you could use a back button on the tut, and loose the excess lables at the bottom.

And maybe a final AS at the end, so people can compare and make sure they've put this whole thing together right if something doesn't work.


The tutorial is good but i guess is the same as most of the tutorials. I mean, if you make a tutorial (platformer tutorial) with enemies, health bar, score, etc, when i guess you really can get an award.


this is a good tutorial

this is pretty much the best platform tut for jumping though your animation has some probs. I didnt care for the 2 frames because you could have just used xscale. I also didnt like how the runing animation jsut freezes but besides that it is good tut. and all these idiots that say theres an error just add a }. come on get some skill

just to let you know...

the "character movement" button doesn't work.

Top-notch tutorial.

This is easily the very best platform game tutorial I've seen here on Newgrounds. I've seen a lot of the weaker tutorials, but I've been able to figure out better ways of designing a platforming engine than they could provide.

I haven't made any games yet, but I just finished my platforming engine a couple of days ago. My code is similar to this tutorial's, except that the code for jumping physics in this tutorial is superior.

There are only a couple of things I didn't like about the techniques in this tutorial. I don't care much for putting platform code in the player. I like to put the code for platform behavior in an instance in the symbol for each platform. This way I can place several platforms without having to name each instance of them. Even so, your method works very well. Additionally, I don't really put any code in the player except for stop(). I put all the code for player behavior in an invisible controller object and name all of the animation frames for the sprite to be used as the player. That way I can interchange any sprite with labeled frames and name the instance "player", and I don't have to alter (or even copy and paste) code.

Despite my personal preferences, I'd say that this is by far the best platform game tutorial I've seen.

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Dec 25, 2004
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