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The Sprite (takes a long) Time Trials#3: Earthbound Edition is finally here. More delays than Rareware on Tequila Friday. This is total carp (yes, carp)no ness for you...BOING!
ps. Tom Fulp is a Nazi-Jew Killing-Commie! (thanks for the frontpage)
pps. Tom Fulp is still a Nazi-Jew Killing-Commie! (no more front page..oh well)


kinda funny

it was kind amusing to watch. well atleast acoupla were.

PiGPEN responds:

Acoupla: To search for greater knowledge in written communication.
Also see: C4N7 5P3LL 4 5H17>

Room for improvement

Some of the ideas protrayed in it were funny but could have been done a lot better. The part with the boys running from the old guy got old pretty quickly, the humor was pretty stale to be honest, I mean what was with all that sprite love making??

I liked the prank part though that was pretty funny, oh and that Hello, HOLA part gave me a bit of a laugh. I like earthbound it's a great game.

anyways try harder next time , and dont try to use too much text that first movie almost had me clicking out.

PiGPEN responds:

sorry for all the text.
I do like writing though...
hello? hola? hello? hola? HELLO? HOLA?
Espanol es el diablo! SI! SI!

You made me vomit in my SoBe bottle.

You all disust me. This pile of crap you call a movie mustve taken about 5 minutes to pull togethor. The first movie was WAY to boring. I just smiled at the dog humping Ness' mom, but thats all I got out of it. The second one was sadly short, but the best of all of them. The third...the third just sucked. The sound sucked. The humor? Next to none. The graphics? *Shudder*....Learn Flash, man. The fourth movie, was sub par.
The graphics were okay, I guess, but the sound was choppy and kept on repeating at the wrong times. All in all, you owe me a SoBe.

PiGPEN responds:

SoBe it!
No that was a shitty response let me try again.
Im sorry about your weak tummy but congrats on your first review.
SoBe DoPey HoKey PoKey drop RoPey ChoKey!

Good...... ten years ago

So much time spent watching nothing happen. The first video was stupid, it just lead up to a dog humping some lady. The second was an excuse to see pixels screw. The third was laaaamme. The part where they spent five minutes running away from Colnel Sanders was a complete waist of time. It held no comic value what so ever. The last one, oh God. The last one had the worst ending in the history of anything. A bunch of Mr. Saturns fall into the ocean...... no imagination at all. The whole thing was sub par. Even the use of sprites was bad. The music...sucked. The stories played out liked they were made by a third grader. I suggest you go invest your time into something else. Like the ancient art of jumping off a building.

PiGPEN responds:

And you should check out the ancient art of Touch Me!

Very nice piece...

This was well constructed. The loading page, the actual movie, everything. It had some humor and is worth watching twice. Nice work!

PiGPEN responds:

I know.
...*sigh* i dont get to yell at you or burn you or anything.

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4.10 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2004
1:01 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 2nd Place December 26, 2004