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Dec 24, 2004 | 11:44 PM EST

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Author Comments

This is something really stupid I made over a year ago in a matter of hours. I understand if you think its boring, cause it probably is, but I'd rather get blammed for boring than for hateful or stupid toilet humour. Enjoy...if it is humanly possible.
Update: I'm surprised it wasn't blammed. Please people, write reviews, I want to now what you think!

Update, Jan 11, 2005: Due to public demand I have removed the implied profanity at the end.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The one-line summary needs to become an option....

Let's call him fred... so Fred is in the navy. And he thinks he's out to win a war. All he's gotta do is hit the " make the ememy surrender button" and they win.


Real story: Fred joined the army as a fine lad who had the IQ of a Twix wrapper. He was a threat to the Navy. Pearlharbor- "ooooooooo look and exploding penny with a red button on top... I think I want to press it.... "KAPOW!!!!" he survived cause it was a lucky penny.... at least that's what Fred told the navy... You can't fire Volunteers so fred was driving his planes around "ooooooooooooo a big building!....I want to hit it" In a matter of 13 minutes or so he found another buildng just like it." "2X BONUS!!!!" screamed Fred. He found a millon pennys all right side up.... this was beyound the navy. and so It went on... "ooooooo a give bush double you insainity and a trillion votes button!" "wooooooooooooww!!!! lets help people in Iraq and let the american dollar value go down while millions complain about gas prices....botton!!!!" " LET'S BOMB THE PENGUINS!" " I say we kill the dodos!" and even billions of years ago scientists have recentlly found proof of a certain metor-jet flown by Fred towards the dinosaurs. He found a stone pertaining of copper with a big hole in it with a big ol ONE on it. Some say HE opened pandoreas box. And now, Geting rid of all penny's and such the navy argued over who was to hit it reeeeeeeeal hard to make the enemy surrender. Thus was the end of Fred and with out him Adam never ate the apple, Dodos who actually were millions of years ahead in technoledgy went on to create a self powering enginge, The world was free of all evil and dinosaurs not able to be evil cause eve never tripped and her teeth didn't land onto the fruit. The world was peaceful because along with fred went everything He'd every done.... Or at least that WOULD have happened if A copper deposit wasn't near by. Fred- the lucky idiot. He flew up into the air and well.... the chopper was never found after fred flew right through it onto the statue of liberty....and luckilly the whole thing was copper I think so he was not able to blow it up somehow and was trapped forever in the torch that was closed in the 1930's due to some.... errrr.... other thing Fred did.

Well if you read it all, I'd like to here what you thought about the story behind this flash.


Narg responds:

Finally someone gets it!!! You're the only person so far to spot that the sand dunes are a metaphor for penguins! Good work old bean.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I fink its great

The game is brillient says I. Its well fort up and I LOVE IT!!! The idea is very cool and the end is extreamly cool to! I'd recomend the author to anyone trying to make a short film.

Narg responds:

Seeing as you like it then good news, I'm doing a remake, with multiple random outcomes. It should be done reasonably soon, like, within a few weeks.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

ahh, my psychoticness made me give in!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I had no idea i had to press the mine :P

Narg responds:

Well, you obviously worked it out,so no problem.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yes dude well done

This is a classic example of how simple things can be well gd its very funny and all i have to say is that if clikin that mine and sending that man to a horrible death several times in a row is wrong then god damn it i dont wanna b rite keep irt up man slapstick humour roks