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For my x-mas present from me to you, I have dug up the dead horse of pube muppet movies and started beating it again for this very special chocolate covered Pube Muppet Christmas collection with movies made by me and 2 other skilled PM artists! Enjoy and fifen and don't get too excited, your mom won't like a sticky keyboard!

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Made me LMAO myself til I came.

LOL! Dude you rock, fuck anyone who says anything different!

funny as hell

i laugh so hard i fell to the floor laughing my ass off keep up the good work

Long Live the Pube Muppet

I agree with Goku_mistress87_. You diss Pubey ya gotta answer to me. Pube Muppet's the funniest thing ever to exist on Newgrounds. Anyways great collection. Pube Muppet seeing a store Santa was the funniest especially when he poops on the wall then on his lap. LMAFO. However I couldn't understand most of what he said 'cause he talked too fast. Oh well. Nice job.

KainTheWatcher is corn shit!

Never blasphimine Pube Puppet! You're corn shit! Fuck off and let us be!

Ass Excrutions?

is it suposed to be excretions ? and what is acid solutions supposed to be? he says that a lot.

This is awesome and hilarious! I have been converted to the ways of the Pube Muppet. I used to hate these things, but now i can't stop watching them. They are so funny, so brilliant, and that voice... Hello my good man! You should make T-shirts! I would totally buy a tshirt with pube muppet on the front and on the back it says something like "hello my good man" or "f*ck off and let me be!"

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2.41 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2004
7:18 PM EST
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