Santa Ski!

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Just in time for Christmas we bring you a happy game about our good old friend Santa! Enjoy.



Nice game:)
Played it sometimes..
( but only now write a review....:P)
still...it cant surpass santa rush:P
but a good game:D


This is cool! I really liked it. I hope you can improve it later.

You have made a good game

I have to say as soon as the game's title screen welcomed me i knew that this game had had alot of effort put into it. So i began by starting the game and reading up on the instructions, which were presented nicely. The object of the game was simple, you jump or duck to get presents, you jump or duck to avoid obstacles, now i have played alot of game similar to this and i have noticed that you have fallen into one of the many problems games like these can experience, you have added too many different items that it was hard for the first minute to recall if the item was good/bad, now item variety is great and all but i would advise to only have so many different items in a harder level as the novice player will not take to kindly to the start of the game. Now the theme was one of your highlights, loved the Christmas spirit, playing as Santa being in a winter wonderland and collecting present really brought character to the game and the graphics although simple were easy on the eyes. The background music was adequate for what was required, the remix of jingle bells was lively. The controls were good, however, the slow speed settings you put on "Easy" made timing jumps correctly challenging and as i experienced on "Hard" the controls were alot more smoother and actually helped because of the faster paced scrolling. Overall the good aspects of this game were alot stronger then what was wrong with it as you only need a little tweaking to make this great.

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Could have used a difficulty option.

The game was very good, but it was also quite easy, at least for me. If there was a way to make the game more difficult, this would be a perfect 10. Other than that, I can't think of a way to improve this, good job.


Nice festive game an' all, but kinda slow. maybe either a different terrain or downhill track would have been better, but still an ok game.


(violence was 4 for the branch to face!)

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3.77 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2004
3:05 PM EST
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