battle front lv 1

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sry glitch with preloader fixed itwas the perloader for my site which when u click it sends u to frame 12 or in this case the last frame


it worked this time but...

make things a little harder, have the ships shoot back, block off the bottom and top so i can't cheat and fly through the whole level and speed things up a bit.
oh, and a boss.. i thought i was going to be fighting something at the end so i saved my ammo by cheating...


I hate to say this but the game was terribly easy... Things you could impove:
1. The ships... Tracing is so easy in flash, try that.
2.Diffculty... Way too easy, the Ties should at least fire or something.
3.Background... It should change, and you shouldn't see the Death Star, when your going to it....

Nice try though, make more levels!


The graphics weren't bad, although they were a bit pixelated. Try to get rid of the pixels, but otherwise, it was okay. Put in different types of enemies instead of just the same tie fighters, and see if you can put in different types of weapons as well.


it says on a web site how to do this

not bad

not bad next time make it a little more 3d and harder to hit the ties

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2.42 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2004
11:29 PM EST
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