Brackenwood Christmas

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I had to add a note to the beginning for the Newgrounds version because too many people ignore the comments. The replay button skips the note after the animation, but how would you know, you don't read the author's comments...
Edit: I added a skip button for you impatient people.
**NOTE: I have full permission to use the Brackenwood characters.

This is my e-card for a contest held by Adam Philllips (the creator of Bitey in Brackenwood).

The contest was for the FUNNIEST Christmas e-card using some kind of characters or themes from Brackenwood in some way.

Happy Holidays!


Very Disappointing.

You could substitute anyone in for Bitey in this film. It has nothing to do with Bitey except that he's in it. I may have liked it more if it didn't use Brackenwood at the beginning. Seems all that did was lure people into watching it. I know it was a contest that Adam Phillips held, but if this is the winner of that contest, the losers must have realllllly sucked.

SecretAgentRege responds:

So, if you know it was Adam Phillips's contest, then you must know that it is this reason that it had Bitey in it. You should also know, if you can read, that the contest was REQUIRED to have Brackenwood themes within it. You should also know (again, if you can read) that they were not explicitly to have anything to do with the story/plot/joke. Some people had Bitey-poster on a kids wall, some had Santa whistling a Brackenwood theme; for my joke, I decided to put the Brackenwood characters in the forest.

Plus, why would you hate this just because it had Bitey in it? That doesn't make any sense. Hate it because you thought the joke sucked, or you thought the art was terrible, not because it has a character in it that it is supposed to have in it; that's utterly moronic.

Oh, and the cartoon came in second place, so apparently the creator of Bitey saw nothing wrong with it, ha.

Read the Commentary.

This movie was created for a contest on biteycastle and the author was allowed the use of the Brackenwood characters. The movie itself was pretty short, but its a nice ecard. Good work.

SecretAgentRege responds:

Hey, someone who reads! Holy feces! You had better get out of here before you get stoned.

So so

I can't fault the artwork but the content wasn't anything special. True, it's a good effort for a few hours work but the joke just wasn't funny....

SecretAgentRege responds:

Jesus was shaking his Christmas gift from his father (aka "God") which was a universe and earth inside the box, which was causing the earthquake. I thought it was clever :) Must not be on-par with British-humor ;)

Atleast you liked the artwork.

Thanks for the review!


that was really funny. good job. hahaha.

Sucky sucky

Graphics are bad, but that is to be expected from a few hours work. The Brackenwood series are awesome and I would really like to see more little tributes to it like this. I just don't think this is very funny...

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Dec 23, 2004
8:04 AM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 3rd Place December 24, 2004